‚Äčin the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool

Walton Deanery


Saint Columba's Vicarage,
Pinehurst Avenue,


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St Christopher's

Our churches - St Columba, Anfield

St Columba's is the parish church of Anfield in the Anglican

Diocese of Liverpool. 

Located on Pinehurst Avenue, the church was built in 1931/32 to

an art-deco design by William A Miller and was soon nicknamed

the "Anfield Odeon" by locals given its design similarities with

theatres and cinemas of the day.

Since then, the church has been extended to include a day

nursery and a community centre but the most significant development within the church itself was the installation, in 2001, of the dramatic floor to ceiling reredos behind the alter.  The reredos was designed by Mary Adshead and that was saved from St Christopher's in Withington Manchester, another of Miller's building designs, before it was demolished.

Now blending modern with classic art-deco the church presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere for worshippers, visitors, parents and children.

More information on the church and its service times can be found here.

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