‚Äčin the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool

Walton Deanery

The Deanery Synod

The Deanery Synod is a statutory body consisting of the clergy of the deanery, the lay parochial representatives elected by the annual parochial church meetings of each parish in the deanery, and ex-officio (General and Diocesan Synod) members.

The Deanery Synod meets on a monthly basis and minutes of the last six meeting can be found below.  If you require minutes going further back than this please contact us directly.

The Deanery Chapter

The clergy of the deanery meet every month to support each other, share ideas and thoughts, and pray together. This gathering of clergy is called the chapter.

The chapter are the first line of support for each other, and have a wide range of skills and experience which can benefit the other parishes.

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